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ud desc


grim reaper








ancient beholder


red thief

dark ranger

evil alchemist

starved dog

A member of the canine family but being raised in poverty makes this scavengous dog voilent and unpredictable. It shows its teeth and growls as you look in its direction.

drow necromancer

drow thief


lich ninja

lich telepath






mind flayer


purple worm



vampire spawn

vampire bloodhunter


giant toad

savage orc


The top of the tunnel just below Midgaard Sewer spirals its ancient architecture toward a dark unholy place deep below the surface of the main city of Thera. Water trickles down thick moss and drips into the unknown. The stone walls of the abyss are constructed of massive grey blocks that slant slightly leading down. The cold air coming from below has an eerie tingle and it would be a wise decision for a young adventurer to consult higher council before decending this pit.

A chill of darkness and evil overwhelms you as images of demons and lost souls haunt the tunnel with cries and shrieks of terror. Nearby decay has lofted its putrid presence into the surrounding abyss and no evidence of light exists beyond this point.

Shadows dance all around the walls of the abyss revealing evedince of great struggles and scratch marks dragged down the cylindrical stone walls. Pray to your deity you do not have to suffer the fate of the whomever made the scartchings.

Far below known natural light the chilly underworld atmosphere takes a grip on your nerves. A blanket of darkness waves and touches onto you as if it has its own mass. Below you is a wider opening into the tense expanses of the abyss.

You are at the base of the ancient vertical transition to the dark underworld of Thera. A solid gate that has been constructed of cast iron rests on the western wall upon large stone hinges. There are skeletons and fresh remains of adventurers who have fallen into this pit. Only one with the ability to fly can return to the sewer above. Pray to your deity, for this could be your last chance.

Roads of sold black earth expand into what is known as UnderDark (the City of Thieves). An unusual occurance is taking place high in the darkness. Flourescent moss cover what must be stalagmites high on the un-seen ceiling in a way that resembles the stars of the surface world. Roads stretch north, west and south. To the east is the entrance to the Abyss.

Loud drunken slurs and the pugnent smell of ale wift from the building to the south, labled only with a rusty dagger on the sign. To the north is a building labled with a black cat atop the word 'Inn'. Proceeding west on Dagger Street will lead into Executioner Square.

Adventurers should keep a watchful eye when walking around this square, for the executioner has no mercy. Each of the four corners have a torture device where intense interrogations take place and the executioner's law is that no victim survives. Directly west is a bloody stage with a single chopping block. To the north is the guillotine and south is the torture rack.

The south expanse of the square lies directly between the torture rack and iron maiden. North is the executioner's chopping block. The bitter insults of the tortured fall on deaf ears as the body count rises. A road extends south leading into the darkness.

Puddles of blood and body parts have been discarded all around for scavengers and starved dogs. Dagger Street seems to continue west from this unholy part of the underworld. The executioner's chopping block is to the east. South is the torture rack and to the north is the hangman's noose.

The northern portion of the square has been decorated with the heads of the guillotine victims. A dangerous warning to all those opposed to the laws of the underworld. You are between the hangman's noose and the guillotine. The road north is called Executioner's Pass.

The setting for the guillotine is a very sinister jester's face with sharpened teeth at the top of the jester's mouth act as the blade that falls onto the victims neck. The sick beheadings are said to even strike fear in the most evil beings of the underworld.

The tradition for hangings down here is to loop the noose around the victims neck then a team of savage orcs pull the rope through a wheel system that raises them high into the darkness. It would be wise to mind your own business and keep walking.

Pools of blood deep enough to drown a faerie Surround the iron maiden. The structure is big enough to fit many large races in such as ogres and giants. Once closed, blood drains from the bottom and the blood chortled screams of the casualty echo inside the heavy iron walls.

Chains and hooks hang on a small trestle next to the dreaded torture rack. If you were to face this punishment you would be fastned to the apparatus by your ankles and wrists with whatever restraint the arbitor seems fit.

This is the executioner's personal stage where the most intense and fierce decapitations occur. The tortured face their final judgement here before the most evil assessor known by common lore.

You are between two buildings constructed of dark grey stone that show signs of many struggles and possible murders right here on the main street. You see the entrances to these buildings to the west. Travelling east will bring you to the intersection of Midnight and Dagger.

Screams wail and cry from the square east of here. The walls of natural stone around you are keeping this seemingly endless cavern from collapsing on top of the hidden civilation underneath. The intersection of Cloak and Dagger is to the west.

You are on the eastern wall of the city's cavern on a lane that extends north and south. You sense that somehow you are being watched or tracked by some dark ranger or evil dictator.

A dark alley behind the Inn catches your attention just to the west. It looks rather un-inviting with small fragments of chipped stone and shards of broken glass littering the dark entrance. North and south is Midnight Lane.

The lane reems to got wider the further north you go. Water trickles down the cavern wall to the east but not likely drinkable. Considering that the Midgaard Sewer is directly above you.

You are behind the stone buildings of Greed Avenue where some graffiti has been sketched in the image of a face with X's for eyes. Continuing northeast will lead to the greediest shopping center in all of Thera. The distant south intersects with Dagger Street.

Rounding the corner of the stone buildings there is a faint glow of some magical light that illuminates the road before you. This is the streetlamps of Greed Avenue to the north.

The sound of children playing is something you have to accept you'll never hear down here. Being on guard at all times is essential to survival down here for all races. The dimly lit shopping avenue is directly north.

The widening lane turns west on the most travelled part of the city, Greed Avenue. You will find most of the stores and trading posts up here. South is Midnight Lane.

Blood stained blankets are carried about by the hooded figures that work in this so called 'inn'. It's actually more like a hangout for local thugs and villans to loot the unexpected in their slumber. To the east is a room where a paying customer would lay their blanket and hope for un-disturbed sleep.

A foul damp stench fills the room as if it had never been cleaned, and judging by the stains and hardened scum on the floor, it never was! Old tattered furniture stained and hardened over time serve as a VERY temporary resting spot for injured or tired adventurers.

Are you looking for a drink or a fight? Well, you've come to the right place! The Tavern is filled with a haze of tobacco smoke thats thick enough you can barely see into the back! Tables and chairs are shifting and scraping the floor in the patrons tense anticipation to start a fight with you!

You can't just walk into a place like this and pick a fight with anyone! Somebody right behind you might take the advantage and backstab you into cold blood upon the dirty floor. Keeping out of the gambling and current affairs won't always save you from confrontation either. Remember that.

The lower ceiling of the north and south gave it the name of "Cloak" to fit its cloak of darkness. It's still far above your head but still has that enclosed feeling where you almost have to take a deep breath before entering. East and west is Dagger Street.

Desperate voices come from the caged windows of the prison to the south. Captives which are possibly awaiting their execution. North is the stone wall of the thieves guild where the art of thievery is taught.

You stand before the entrance of the prison. Captives are put into the lockup until their day of execution for the laws down here are not fair by the standards of surface dwellers. Their only chance of a trial is to plead for forgiveness from their deity. Dagger Street continues east and west.

To the north is the Thieves Guild which teaches the most popular classes of the underworld (thieves, assassins and ninjas). The arts of sneaking and hiding are the most commonly learned skills in this area since the way of life is theft, its a good idea not to be seen. Dagger Street extends east.

The cloak of darkness seems to waver and shift. Perhaps there are creatures moving in the shadows giving the blackness the appearance of activity. Dagger Street is to the south and north is Cloak Way.

The narrowing tunnel leading north is totally enclosed by earth. The lesser used path is not always the safest. Dangers can lurk around every corner so always be aware of whats around you.

Silence. But it doesn't last long, just enough to really remind you how confined you could possibly become if you were trapped down here somehow. The deep underground is not for everyone, in fact, it could cause one become maudlin or act very harrowly.

An Establishment to the north has been wedged between two earthly pillars that help support the city. A sign on a simple wooden trestle outside has a cloak and dagger painted on it.

A very dark alley to the east raises the hair on your neck or maybe it's the laughter of the hideous guilotine operator south of you on Executioner Square. In either case, a road extends north through all the fear you've been experiencing.

Chips of teeth and bones scatter the ground in front of a shabby wooden structure to the west. There are skulls and bones hanging like decorations around the roof and rails. There is evidence of candle light flickering from inside the poorly constructed hut.

A bend in the pass is beaconed by a large growth of flourescent moss on the north wall. Though it's still too dim to provide much light it acts as a directional tool for those feeling around in the darkness.

There are decaying animal corpses blending into the dancing shadows. There are even signs that something has been feeding off them recently. Scavengers down here have to take what they can.

A bend in the road. To the west is a dark passage called Cloak Way. East and north continue along Executioner Pass. To the distant north it gets seemingly brighter and wider.

The light north is from Greed Avenue, the most travelled part of the subterranian settlement. With a name like greed, you should watch your wallet when venturing forward.

Along this avenue there is an assortment of colorful signs, fancy establishments and lots of lights. Torches have been lit along the whole length of the shopping district. To the south is a dark pass through the stone and earth.

This is a narrow alley behind the Inn littered with glass, broken arrows and chips of wood and stone. There are even arrows and darts permanently lodged into the wall of the Inn.

There is an opening in the earth to the north large enough to be the dwelling of some large creature. It has a dark curtain over the entrance but through the rough patches you see a very dim candle light. The dark alley continues east and west.

A dark shortcut between Executioner Pass and Midnight Lane expands behind the Inn on Dagger Street. A deathly scream comes from the southwest. You have to hold it together before you become a statistic.

A party of five or more could possibly walk side by side down this avenue. To the north is a strange looking shop with purple smoke billowing out of a crooked chimney. A building to the south has a sign hanging over the door with a skull and crossbones.

There is a large golden key crafted onto the wood and stone establishment to the north. The store to the south has caged mutts and other assorted underworld pets on display. All the hooded figures scurry from store to store trying to barter their items. The avenue continues east and west.

North of you is the the grand entrance of the Temple of Sin. It estends east on three solid stone steps. It's embellished with long dark purple curtains and statues of a ancient nameless deity. To the south is the Grand Bank of the Underworld.

North of you is the the grand entrance of the Temple of Sin. It estends west on three solid stone steps. The essence of a great evil lurks from inside the inner atrium and sends a chill up your spine. To the south of you is an old tattered fountain that contains possible drinking water.

Remember to always be on guard especially since the meat stand to the south is advertising human parts on rusty hooks. Directly north is the Torture Shop, a well known store down here. They provide Executioner Square with most of their tools.

A large round target with an arrow in the bullseye signifies the Bow & Quiver Store to the north. Long range attacks are always an advantage whether it be arrows, bolts or darts, this story carries it. To the south are caged human slaves begging to be purchased and longing for release. To the east is the corner of Midnight Lane and Greed Avenue.

{yWooden boards creak under your feet as you approach a single table in the center of the hut. Sitting beside a candle on a skull candleholder is an old one eyed man. A closer examination shows that much of the furniture here is constructed of bones.

Chemicals and reagents brew in beakers and glass tubes in this laboratory style dwelling. An assortment of bat wings, jars full of eyes and faerie body parts are used in potion brewing. Behind a haze of blue smoke the drow shopkeeper welcomes you with an open minded expression.

A foul smelling wooden structure that practices in the art of poison. A single glance around reveals snake remains and vials of dark coloured liquids. A bulky duergar wipes venom from the tip of a blade and looks toward you expectantly.

The lich keymaker hunches behind his desk with a monocle in his eye making the final adjustments on a small brass key. A wooden display case arrays a variety of different shaped keys available to the general public.

Snarling mutts and grimicing giant toads stare at you through their cage walls. Evidence of severe beatings show on the animals. Some of them are even limping in their pens. A female tigriat seems to handle the business here.

The crafty wizard who handles the banking affairs down here eyes you suspiciously like he doesn't trust you. Given his profession and current location, he likely has good reason for this expression. Hearing the jingle in your purse he eases his tense stare and opens a filthy black book.

to adler:

The tombs, south and underground lake havent been mapped yet. feel free to add any mobs you want to the list and if you need any in depth info on them send me a tell or write a note. Im currently working on a description list for the mobs/items so bare with me.

revenant: revs are nasty aggie mobs that patrol the area.. fun to have players scan for these. should be at least 2 of them.

grim reaper: was thinkin about having him in a noexit room or something real nasty like that.

tombs, underground lake: lots of keys i hope to have hidden throughout the area will be needed to access the tombs. one tomb is for 50-60 and the other tomb is for 91+.

executioner: has to be nasty as a motherfucker! he stands at the center of executioner square.

savage orcs: 2 of them at hangmans noose

jester: at the guillotine



*means aggressive

91-grim reaper/?/?/?/?

80-mokkah/?/dark priest/temple/amulet of the undead


52-*grendel/ogre/?/prison cell/?




35-svirfneblin/?/?/central/punch dagger

75-*ancient beholder/?/?/?/?

91-*executioner/?/?/executioner sq/great axe of the executioner

39-red thief/?/thief/central/red tunic, punch dagger

50-dark ranger/shadow/ranger/?/?

77-evil alchemist/?/?/?/?

35-starved dog/?/?/central/?

44-drow necromancer/drow/necromancer/central/unholy rod

39-drow thief/drow/thief/central/worn cloak


69-lich ninja/lich/ninja/guild, central/?

69-lich telepath/lich/telepath/?/?

65-jarre/big guy at the inn :P

66-butcher/?/?/meat shop/rusty cleaver

70-aboleth/?/?/underground lake/?


56-duergar/dwarf/?/central/heavy iron bound boots

75-mind flayer/?/?/?/?

46-doppelganger/?/?/central/thick leather hood

80-*purple worm/?/?/south/?

60-grell/?/?/underground lake/?

91-*ettin/?/?/south/stone pillar(heavy mace with small race restrictions)

63-vampire spawn/vampire/?/?/spiked leather jacket

66-vampire bloodhunter/vampire/?/?/?


50-giant toad/?/?/underground lake/?

88-savage orc/orc/?/executioner square/bladed whip

91-jester/?/?/executioner square/the tickler, jesters hat



[Implmtr 100 Gen Mag] Merlin is listening to Christmas Music.

[Implmtr 100 Wer Wiz] Hopper

[Deity 97 Drg Wiz] Adler RLE Welcome to the world 6:06am EST!


[CircleC 91 Wer Nin] Cavcav

[ 91 Drg War] Shalana isn't evil. She just acts that way on TV.

[Ebon C 91 Wer Nin] Vone is lost in thought. send hlp

[Keeper 91 Drg Wiz] Acridian loves the girlies!!!

[Sacred 91 Lch Nin] Eber is Eber

[Sacred 91 Ent Brd] Neimad >>>>--High-Ent-->

[Keeper 57 Hlf Nin] Sasuke is trying to figure out how to join team AFK!

[Keeper 51 Hlf Nin] Mog, Captain of Team AFK.


[Implmtr 100 Wer Wiz] Hopper

[Implmtr 100 Gen Mag] Merlin is dressed like a ZomBie. Grr!

[Deity 97 Drg Wiz] Adler is dressed as a Schoolboy (From AC/DC!)


[Sacred 91 Lch Nin] Eber is Eber

[ 91 Drg Wiz] Sensei is afk

[SacredC 91 Drg Pal] Baja Has the Fire Desire

[Keeper 91 Drg Wiz] Acridian loves the girlies!!!

[KeeperC 91 Hlf Wiz] Ignar needs a "4-guys poster"

[Ebon C 91 Wer Nin] Vone the Ogre!

[ 91 Drg War] Shalana is dressed like Elvira. MeoW!

[Sacred 90 Ent Brd] Neimad >>>>--High-Ent-->

[Keeper 58 Hlf Nin] Sasuke the ELEMENTAL GUARDIAN of Team AFK!

[SacredC 57 Wer Nec] Ranaldo the Greater Bringer of Death

[SacredC 53 Lch Pal] Lyrica has NO life.

[Ebon C 53 Vmp Pre] Ella the FOLLOWER of all that is LIGHT, as long as its EBON LIGHT!

[Keeper 52 Hlf Nin] Mog is dressed like an AFK Sign.C

[ 7 Elf Thi] DeAnna the Pilferess

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The Birds Nest



The Birds Nest

Be care for slipping!

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Name: Neimad
Race: Dryad

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Newfoundland Camping 101

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No Mercy!

¿?RPG me this, RPG me that.. RPG afraid of the RPG bat?¿
Oh'la'la'where am I? Im lost my lord!
This is probably why I always complain about the ending of a game.. The game makers are fucken pissed off from 'goo-gooing' around with the game, you know? They end it short & stoopid! There is an incredible amout of work involved in making a game, and with my new ideas, the maps have sprites and the sprites have maps, haha..*insane*
Has anybody forgotten how it feels in ROM? I assure you all, I know one elf who still lives there!
Broken shards of the game have been completly voided in my memory.. The void! *scribble* And such things like exact maps.. Like, I do not own a copy of the OC maps, I've never been deep in the dwarven kingdom, but I've sufficed, trust me. I dont know how to tell you how things have changed and evolved since ROM .. Since it.. You know what happened to ROM! Something tells me to continue expanding!
The story is very 'bleep bleep'. I dont even know how people will ever figure out the stuff I've put into it! But anybody who plays Final Fantasy games knows than any good RPG has a lot of mystery. (Star Ocean, Breath of Fire & Chrono Trigger players also apply.. Yeah, I dont even want to go on with this.. But we all know, dont we!)
I've put a lot of thought into the characters.. Like, what would a bard do that a normal character couldnt? I sort of know the warrior & thief skills..
But yeah, if anybody reads my silly jibber-jabber -> I'd like to know the answer to this question:
(Q) What part of ROM shouldnt be excluded?
That will be all, thanks.. Im trying to keep you updated!

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This is a clip from the intro.